Diagnostic Imaging

Wessex Equine have access to the latest portable diagnostic equipment which can be used on your yard, these include:


Portable X-ray machines enable us to take radiographs at your yard and for the images to be viewed seconds later on screen.

Radiographs, commonly known as X-rays, are often taken during lameness exams to visualise the bones and joints. Portable digital systems (DR) are mostly used for lower limb examinations and are especially useful if it is difficult or unsafe to travel an injured horse.

Ultrasound scanning

Ultrasonography is a widely used diagnostic tool in horses. It is useful for diagnosing and evaluating a number of orthopaedic conditions including joint, tendon and ligament injuries, it is also used for monitoring the healing process in these cases. Additionally, It can be useful for evaluating abdominal pain (colic, swellings, liver disease etc), cardiology examinations and for guiding the safe biopsy of the liver, kidney and other internal structures.

Ultrasound is used routinely for breeding work such as monitoring reproductive cycles and pregnancy detection.

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