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Sue Corrigan
Practice Manager
Sue has spent her life working in the Equine industry in various roles. After taking her BHS stages, she progressed through professional showing and eventing yards before becoming head travelling groom for one of the UK’s top showjumpers. After meeting her husband Hugh and having her son Jack she moved to office based roles. Before joining Wessex Equine, Sue had worked for 7 years in the equine veterinary insurance industry. This has given Sue an excellent combination of both horse knowledge and experience in the administrative side of the equine world.

Sue has been a member of the Wessex team since 2012 when she began managing client accounts, processing insurance claims and generally organising all things financial. In March 2023 Sue became our Practice Manager; a role which has given her new challenges and responsibilities but with her experience and expertise is handling brilliantly.

Her spare time is spent running, cycling, leisurely walks with her elderly terriers Pepsi and Cola and gardening. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s just taken on the new venture of a rather neglected allotment.
Emma Chant
Office Administrator
Emma is a committed member of the team with a dedicated passion for the equine veterinary industry. Having been around horses since very young age, her fascination with equine care stemmed from her father, a farrier, who ignited her interest at a young age. After completing her studies, Emma immersed herself in the industry, working in a busy Equine hospital where she gained invaluable experience in theatre, hospital, and neonatal care. She supplemented her practical experience by working as a part-time groom, further solidifying her understanding of equine management.

Taking a brief pause from direct horse care, Emma explored the administrative side of the industry through roles in Small Animal and Equine insurance, where she gained valuable insights and skills. This diverse background eventually led her to her current role at Wessex Equine, where she combines her passion for horses with her administrative expertise.

Outside of work, Emma enjoys spending time outdoors, participating in her local pheasant shoot with her Cocker Spaniels, and riding horses belonging to friends and family whenever the opportunity arises. Her deep-rooted connection to the equine world drives her both personally and professionally, making her a valuable asset to the team at Wessex Equine.
Jasmine Perrott
Office Administrator
Jasmine started at an early age riding Welsh ponies in local Pony Clubs around Gloucestershire, with a special skill in acting as a crash test dummy for unwilling or stubborn horses, then taking a short break from the equestrian world whilst completing an advanced Apprenticeship programme in Marketing and Social Media in the Automotive industry.

Jasmine achieved her lifelong dream of working with horses when she joined Wessex Equine in July 2021. She has now graduated her horse stewardship to an ex-polo Thoroughbred (Jasper) whom she hopes to compete with in the next year.
Alanna Stanley
Office Administrator
Alanna has always had a lifelong passion for horses, having grown up around them and spending her childhood working her way up through the level in Pony Club and eventing. Alanna has gained qualifications in Equine Management and a degree in Bloodstock and Performance Horse Management, providing her with a strong foundation in the field. Prior to joining Wessex in May 2023, she worked on professional yards as a groom, gaining valuable insights into equine care and management.

Outside of work, Alanna enjoys spending time with her cocker spaniel, Bella, and participates in agility training as one of her favourite hobbies.
Kathryn Van Der Merwe
Office Administrator
Kathryn is an experienced Practice Administrator with a rich background in animal care and client management. Since the age of 12, she has been immersed in the world of stable yards, gaining hands-on experience with horses and developing a deep understanding of their care needs. Kathryn's journey in animal management led her to acquire qualifications up to Veterinary Practice Management, honing her skills in client care and administrative tasks within a busy Small Animal veterinary practice. Seeking new challenges, Kathryn transitioned to Wessex Equine in September 2023, bringing her wealth of experience to the team.

Outside of work, she enjoys a fulfilling family life, being married with two children, a dog, a cat, and chickens to care for, keeping her engaged and busy beyond the stable yard.
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