Stud Medicine

sm1We provide veterinary services from conception to maturity for thoroughbreds and sports horses. Our stud work is led by two of our directors, Andy Richardson and Tom Newton. Both vets have a wealth of experience in assisted reproduction, infertility investigation, foal medicine and management of young stock.


  • Pre-breeding gynaecological assessment to ensure breeding soundness.
  • Pre-breeding bloods/swabs for venereal diseases – CEM, EVA and EIA.
  • Management of the breeding mare – ultrasound evaluation of ovarian and uterine activity to determine optimal breeding time.
  • Preparation of mares to ‘walk in’ to stallion.
  • Artificial insemination
  • Investigation of subfertility and the barren mare.


  • Stallion grading/licensing.
  • Routine breeding soundness.
  • Semen collection and evaluation.


  • New-born foal checks.
  • Blood analysis for assessment of maternal antibody transfer (and plasma transfusion as required)
  • Management of the sick foal.
  • Monitoring and correction of conformational abnormalities
  • Neonatal field surgery (hernia repair, periosteal strips)

sm3Thoroughbred Sales work

  • Pre sales x-ray screens (foals and yearlings)
  • Pre sales video endoscopy (foals and yearlings)
  • Wessex Equine are the official on site veterinarians at Doncaster Bloodstock yearling and breeze up sales
  • Wessex Equine are represented at major foal/yearling sales in Ireland and Newmarket and are available for pre-purchase examinations

Artificial Insemination
In non-thoroughbred mares, artificial insemination allows owners a wider choice of stallions from around the UK and Europe. The mare can remain in her home environment, without the stress of travelling to stud. Artificial insemination can also be safer and ensures that the mare remains disease-free.
All work is undertaken at the client’s premises.  Stabling, electricity/water supply and a clean/dry area for preparation of the semen are required.
Our AI package price includes the following routine gynaecological veterinary work:sm4

  • Pre-breeding ultrasound scans of ovaries and uterus
  • Post-breeding ovulation scans and check for uterine fluid
  • Routine drugs (including Chorulon/Deslorelin to induce ovulation, prostaglandin and oxytocin)
  • Insemination and evaluation of semen motility
  • Post-breeding intra-uterine saline and/or antibiotic ‘wash-outs’
  • Caslick’s procedure if required (stitching of vulva to minimise uterine contamination due to poor conformation)
  • Pregnancy scans at (approx.) 14 days, 19 days, 28 days and 42 days
  • Twin reduction if necessary

Not included in the package prices:

  • Visit fees
  • Sedation if necessary for safe examination of mare
  • Pre-breeding season CEM/EVA/EIA testing, or endometrial CEM testing during breeding season
  • Supply of Regumate or other non-routine drugs
  • Frozen semen AI
  • Foal heat examinations/ultrasound scans and treatments

If you are interested in AI for your mare, please give us a call to discuss further and we can give you our current season’s package price.

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